Moment two ‘drunk’ teachers stumble into the WRONG apartment and get into BED with a married couple and their young child before the homeowner chases them out into the street and is shot by one of the intruders

Surveillance footage reveals the weird moment two physical education teachers ended up in the wrong apartment after a very intoxicated night, and one even got into a bed with a married couple, resulting in a shooting that left the homeowner with a bullet wound in the back.

Following the incident on October 10 around 4 a.m., Darius Tyonne Cohen, 26, and Akkua Jamel Hallback, both 26, were fired from their jobs in the Indian River County School District in Florida.

Hallback met a woman at a bar in Vero Beach, and he and Cohen traveled to her condominium at the Preserves of Oslo, where Cohen is facing attempted murder charges.

Cohen waited outside for Hallback as he walked inside to be with the woman. Hallback left the woman’s residence and went to his car after a few hours. According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Cohen needed to use the restroom at that moment, so they returned to the woman’s apartment, but entered the wrong one.

Cohen, an Indian River Academy teacher, went to the bathroom, while Hallback, a Sebastian Elementary School teacher, climbed into bed with a guy with his wife and one of their three young children, whom he mistook for the woman.

When Cohen left the restroom, the man tried to lead Hallback out of his house, according to detectives. Sheriff Eric Flowers claimed during a news conference on Monday that he walked the men outside, when “a fight broke out” and Cohen opened fire.

It’s unknown who possessed the pistol or what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting. ‘At this point, we don’t know who [took out] the pistol,’ Flowers added.

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