Takeaways,restaurants and cafes set to be ‘banned’ from using sauce sachets,milk cartons and single-use cutlery and told to find non-plastic alternatives

Single-use plastic ketchup, mayo, and vinegar sachets may soon be forbidden in the United Kingdom.

Takeaways, restaurants, and cafes will be affected by the plan, with small milk jugs among the banned goods as businesses are encouraged to find eco-friendly alternatives.

Environment Secretary George Eustice, according to the source, wants to add disposable plastic cutlery and plates to the banned list, which already includes plastic straws and stirrers.

Last year, Mr. Eustice claimed that single-use sachets “may cause significant harm to the marine and terrestrial environment when disposed of incorrectly.”

They are rarely recycled, according to evidence, because their small size makes them difficult to identify and clean.

‘They’re an obvious contender for a ban,’ a source close to Mr. Eustice told the source. Most restaurants should be able to use large bottles instead of sachets.’

‘The government’s desire for petty regulation and micromanagement is inexhaustible,’ said Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA).

‘With the economy in a funk and inflation on the rise, forbidding things appears to be a diversionary tactic for politicians.

‘It never occurs to them that slamming firms with ever-increasing regulations is a big part of why the economy is so sluggish in the first place.’

‘It’s right that the nation cuts its plastic consumption, but we have to do so without imposing another financial burden on the smallest restaurants, many of which are fighting to keep their doors open,’ said Andrew Crook, deputy head of the British Takeaway Campaign.

‘Because our favorite takeaways wouldn’t be the same without the sauces on the side, the government should allow small businesses time to develop inexpensive, non-plastic alternatives before imposing further changes, such as the proposed cutlery and polystyrene cup bans.’ Other Twitter users were much harsher in their criticisms of the suggestions.


Talents of Sancho and Greenwood wasted, defenders caught hopelessly out of position and Ronaldo left frustrated … why Ralf Rangnick MUST swallow his pride and ditch his 4-2-2-2 formation after Manchester United’s atrocious display in Wolves loss

Manchester United smashed into a brick wall just as Ralf Rangnick felt they’d turned a corner.

Burnley’s energized and clinical display right before the New Year was due to the fact that they were playing Burnley.

So when they met  Wolves team that uses pace and quick counter-attacks to great effect, without necessarily finishing them off with a goal, everything fell apart.

It’s impossible to recall a United team putting on such a sloppy and haphazard performance. Even in the last months of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure, they didn’t appear to give up the ball as frequently.

United were dominated by a goal-shy Wolves side that hadn’t won at Old Trafford in 42 years, aside from a five-minute span in which Bruno Fernandes smashed a shot against the bar shortly after coming on.

This was really concerning if Ralf Rangnick’s entire football philosophy is centered on having control.

United had no influence over the game, which was played against a mid-table Wolves squad that had only scored 14 goals all season. For United supporters, the notion of meeting someone half-decent is daunting right now.

Rangnick will have to swallow his pride and abandon the 4-2-2-2 configuration, with which he is comfortable but his players clearly are not.

Jamie Redknapp of Sky Sports accurately concluded that the strategy ‘doesn’t work’ for United. ‘They didn’t have a clear idea of how they wanted to play.’

Given the sad state of the team Rangnick inherited, which had lost its cohesion and confidence, there was a strong desire to attempt something new.

However, it has become clear that the interim manager would have been better off continuing with the 4-2-3-1 formation that his players were accustomed to, at least until he got his feet under the table and tested his system on the training ground.

United fans hoped that things would improve after the 1-0 win over Crystal Palace on December 5, when the team pressed aggressively and high up the pitch, as though infused with new energy and excitement.







US hits record 1,082,549 COVID cases in a single day but hospitalizations are well below peak and deaths remain relatively low at 1,688: Experts hope Omicron ’causes so much immunity it will quell the pandemic’

The United States set a new daily record for COVID-19 infections on Monday, with over one million infections, yet deaths and hospitalizations remain low, indicating that the Omicron variety could bring the pandemic to an end.

There were 1,082,549 new cases reported across the country on Monday, a figure presumably inflated by reporting delays over the holiday weekend. According to a source, examination of Johns Hopkins University data, daily instances have increased by more than 110 percent in the last seven days to 494,732.

Deaths and hospitalizations, on the other hand, have remained low, prompting some scientists to believe that Omicron will effectively stop the epidemic by developing universal immunity with minimal human loss of life.

Monica Gandhi, an immunologist at the University of California, San Francisco, told Bloomberg, “We’re now in a whole different phase.” ‘The virus will always be with us, but my hope is that this version will generate enough immunity to stop the pandemic.’

On Monday, another 1,688 people died across the country, bringing the seven-day rolling average to 1,340, a 12 percent decrease from the previous week.

Hospitalizations have increased by approximately a third in the last week, to around 100,000, although they are still nearly 30% lower than the highest levels recorded in January when case numbers were substantially lower.

Even ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson, who is a few weeks ahead of the US in the Omicron surge, is ‘cautiously confident’ that cases in London will plateau within the week.

Meanwhile, the CDC was said to be working on a tweak to its updated quarantine regulations that would require a negative test to cease isolation after five days, and President Joe Biden was set to speak to the nation on Tuesday afternoon.

Following a massive outbreak in the Northeast and New England, the Southeast appeared to be on the verge of becoming the epicenter of the next wave of infections.

COVID hospitalizations have increased sharply in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi since Christmas, as Omicron spreads in areas with low vaccination rates, raising the risk of severe illness.






Australia will NEVER go back into lockdown because Covid case numbers don’t matter and Omicron can be managed like the flu, Scott Morrison says as he declares: ‘Let’s get on with it’

Despite Australia finding record Covid case numbers, Scott Morrison has stated that “the days of lockdown are ended.”

According to the Prime Minister, the dominant Omicron strain was 75% less severe than the Delta strain and could be treated in the same way as other infectious disorders like flu.

After a record 35,208 new Covid cases on Saturday, Australia saw 32,216 new cases on Sunday, although only 148 people are in ICUs with the condition.

‘No,’ Mr. Morrison said on the Today Show when asked if Australia would require a ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown to stop the influx. It’s not about the numbers, after all.

‘I keep emphasizing this. This is a distinct kind of variety that necessitates a change in our approach.’

‘The days of lockdown are over. We’re moving ahead. We’re not returning. This isn’t how you handle a virus.

‘There will be a large number of cases, but the severity will be much lower, so you should concentrate on your hospital system.’

‘I believe you are aware of this. Around the country, 51 people are on ventilators. ‘There are 148 people in the intensive care unit.’

Mr. Morrison claims that the great majority of persons infected with the Omicron strain, which was found in South Africa in November, suffer from a mild disease that can be treated at home.

‘If you’re in the hospital right now, the main reason is that you weren’t vaccinated.’

The second reason is that you have Delta rather than Omicron.

‘There are only a few individuals in hospital with Omicron,’ he stated.

‘We’re dealing with a completely new infection now.’ We need to modify the way we think about it, which is why discussing case numbers right now is a waste of time.’

Only home contacts of a positive case must isolate for seven days, according to state premiers last week, in an effort to keep employees like nurses and grocery staff from being unable to work.

‘The concern is how we’re handling the effects on the health system,’ Mr. Morrison said. ‘That’s why we need to make sure we have sensible laws that allow people to return to work.’



Elon Musk sells his final cluster of Tesla stock options for further $1bn to pay his huge tax bill

According to records made public by US financial regulators, business entrepreneur Elon Musk has sold another $1 billion worth of shares in Tesla, an electric car and clean energy company.

Since early November, when he asked his Twitter followers whether he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock, the world’s richest man has sold $16.4 billion in Tesla stock.

Musk’s need to pay a massive tax payment of roughly $11 billion, estimated by some to be the highest individual tax bill in US history relating to the exercise of stock options, drove much of the transaction.

Musk also purchased nearly 1.6 million shares in the company at a strike value of $6.24 per share issued under the pay plan, according to his filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday.

In an interview with the conservative satirical website Babylon Bee last week, he said he had sold “enough stock” to meet the 10% target, but he confessed that some stock options due to expire next year would have to be exercised “no matter what.”

These options stem from a compensation plan that The Boring Company founder received in 2012, when the company was valued at little over $3 billion, compared to nearly $1 trillion today.

He may have sold another 5.4 million shares to profit from Tesla’s soaring stock price, which has increased by approximately 50% this year and more than twelvefold since the start of 2020.

This is the result of the company’s vehicles, particularly its Model 3 and Model Y sedans, seeing a massive rise in demand during the pandemic.

His net worth has risen to $278.9 billion as a result of surging sales at his space travel company SpaceX, which became the first company to send humans into orbit and to the International Space Station last year.

Musk, like many other billionaires, made headlines in June after a ProPublica investigation found that he, like many others, had paid little in federal income taxes to the US Internal Revenue Service.

While his fortune increased by $13.9 billion between 2014 and 2018, he paid an ‘effective tax rate’ of 3.27 percent, according to ProPublica. It was also discovered that he did not pay any federal income tax in 2018.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘He never knew what private things would be made public’. Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens called it quits after two months because he couldn’t cope with wife’s ‘lifestyle of constantly documenting everything’

Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King had to call it quits after the reality TV stars very public’ lifestyle took its toll on their short-lived marriage, according to a source

On Monday, the former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member shocked fans by announcing her split from Joe Biden’s attorney nephew, two months after they married in front of the president and first lady.

The reason for the shocking split was not mentioned by King, 37, but insiders close to the pair said Owens, 42, was unable to cope with the celebrity and media surrounding his TV star wife.

‘Cuffe is a very private person, and I don’t think he completely grasped the dynamics of marrying someone who is the polar opposite when it comes to being in the spotlight,’ a friend of Owens told a source.

‘Meghan is all about documenting her life on social media, which Cuffe was fine with at first, but once reality set in, he realized he couldn’t live his life like that.

‘Cuffe didn’t want their relationship to be scrutinized 24/7 a day, It’s not him, to be sure. Unlike Meghan, who comes with a million followers, he appreciates his privacy far too much.’

King and Owens had kept their relationship a secret for a long time until deciding to go public with it on Instagram in September, just weeks before their October 11 wedding.

When King posted a photo of herself on a hotel bed during the couple’s ‘two-month anniversary break’ and sought fans for ‘positive marriage’ advice, people suspected there were problems in paradise.

‘Because we feel like we’ve been married for a million years (due to marrying later in life and having a lot of history and, well, kids), we decided to take a two-month anniversary break. The real-world resumes tomorrow, but a few hours at a hotel will do wonders for a newlywed couple. Please provide us with some useful marriage advice!’ she wrote.



Were Tottenham robbed?! Southampton goalkeeper Fraser Forster gets away with a huge error as he drops the ball and kicks it into his net- before a Matt Doherty ‘foul’ saved him, with no VAR intervention

Spurs appeared to be denied a Premier League victory at Southampton when two goals were controversially ruled off in the 2-2 draw at St Mary’s.

Spurs had already come back from a goal down in the first half, when James Ward-Prowse put the hosts ahead, only for Mohammed Salisu to be sent out for second bookable conduct and surrender a penalty six minutes before halftime, which Harry Kane converted.

Matt Doherty seemed to do nothing other than fight the Saints goalkeeper, who misjudged a high looped in a cross from Harry Winks into his own net.

However, because referee Anthony Taylor had already given a foul, VAR was unable to review the incident, which may have been overturned in Spurs’ favor.

‘For me, it seems like two players colliding,’ said former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg. VAR will not intervene until Anthony Taylor has given it, although I don’t see what Doherty is doing wrong.

‘Fraser Foster approaches him, and I believe he drops it.’ It might have easily been given as a goal in my opinion, but VAR will not intervene after Anthony has given it.’

Spurs had also scored in the second half, with Kane appearing to score his second goal of the game eight minutes after the break.

However, the striker was controversially marked offside, despite the fact that replays showed that his arm was beyond the defensive line, indicating that he was onside.

Despite their dominance, Spurs were unable to take advantage of the additional man in the second half, and the south coast will be furious that they did not grab all three points.

Spurs are currently sixth in the rankings, behind London rivals Arsenal and West Ham, but they still have two games in hand on both, and a win in those games would put them in fourth place in the race to qualify for the Champions League next season.

The north London club has had a strong start under Antonio Conte, who created a record by becoming the first Spurs manager to go undefeated in his first seven league games.



Lala Kent, 31 claims she has ‘proof’ former fiance Emmett Randall, 50, cheated on her adding their romance was ‘based on nothing but lies’

Emmett Randall cheated on Lala Kent, according to Lala Kent.

In October, the 31-year-old reality personality called off her engagement to the 50-year-old producer after he was accused of being disloyal to her.

And Lala, who is the mother of Emmett’s nine-month-old son Ocean, has admitted that their relationship was “built on nothing but falsehoods.”

‘I know he sent messages saying he was never [was], but there’s proof elsewhere,’ she told one source.

‘The bottom line is that I feel like I was in a relationship built on lies.’

‘From the moment those images were discovered to the time I moved out, we had such little communication,’ she continued. I claim I tried everything I could to get out of that house with my baby.’

Nashville, Tennessee is where the alleged affair supposedly happened.

And the Vanderpump Rules star has expressed gratitude to the two women with whom Emmett was pictured for exposing his true colors.

‘Those two girls strolling across the street with him saved me, and I will be forever thankful to them,’ she said.

‘I wish I knew who those two girls were because I’d start crying and tell them, ‘You saved my life.’ Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!’

‘I had the gut instinct that I discuss in my book [‘Give Them Lala’].’ And that’s when I realized I was done with this relationship.’

Since her breakup, the Give Them Lala Beauty creator has embraced her freedom and has never felt more strong.

‘Now I’m out here on my own, utterly independent from anyone,’ she continued. The only way I can express it is that I feel free and liberated — and stronger than I have in my entire life.’

And Lala’s faith has kept her going through difficult times.

‘I’ve never really been one to talk about my faith, but I think it’s necessary to talk about it right now since I’m relying on it so much.’ Mentally, I’m in great shape.


Steven Gerrard will Miss Aston Villa’s next two Premier League games after testing positive for Covid… with the Villains boss forced to self-isolate and watch clashes with Chelsea and Leeds from home

Steven Gerrard, the head coach of Aston Villa, has tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the club’s next two Premier League games, the club has confirmed.

For the Boxing Day match against Chelsea at home and the travel to Leeds on Tuesday, Gerrard will be absent from the dugout.

‘Aston Villa can confirm that head coach Steven Gerrard will be unable to attend our next two Premier League matches against Chelsea and Leeds United because he will be isolating following a positive Covid-19 test,’ the club stated in a statement.

Due to an increased number of positive coronavirus tests among the players, Villa’s home game against Burnley was postponed last weekend.

The match at Villa Park vs Chelsea is one of six Premier League matches scheduled for Boxing Day.

Leeds’ trip to Liverpool has been postponed due to a Covid outbreak at the Yorkshire club, which means Villa’s match at Elland Road on December 28 is not guaranteed to go ahead.

After two more EFL encounters were canceled, a total of 25 Boxing Day games across the top four divisions of English football have been postponed.

Luton Town’s match against Bristol City at home has been postponed, while Carlisle’s League Two match against Rochdale at Brunton Park has also been postponed.

Covid breakouts have been detected in both Luton and Carlisle teams.

Only ten EFL games are still scheduled for Boxing Day.



It is better to give than to recieve:Handing out gifts lowers blood pressure and heart rate ,scientists say

It is better to give than to receive, according to the Bible.

And it appears that this is the case when it comes to keeping the heart-healthy.

Giving gifts to volunteers was proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate while also maintaining the health of the arteries that feed the heart.

Being the recipient of a present, on the other hand, did not have the same impact.

According to the findings of psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles, offering Christmas gifts to friends and family may lessen the danger of heart attacks and strokes.

During the festive season, British consumers spend up to £80 billion a year, the majority of which is spent on gifts.

Giving has been found in previous studies to improve happiness and mental well-being by increasing self-esteem.

However, the UCLA researchers wanted to investigate if it was equally beneficial to the heart.

They engaged 90 college students and put them in a difficult scenario by telling them they only had minutes to prepare for a speech they had to give in front of an audience. As they did so, monitors recorded their heart rate and blood pressure.

Half of the students were told right away that they could pick a gift card and send it to anyone they liked, along with an email message explaining why they chose them.

The others were given the option of selecting a gift card for themselves. When worried students were allowed to send a present to a loved one, their heart rate and blood pressure both decreased dramatically, according to the findings, which were published in the journal Psychophysiology.

The effect was substantially lower in those who received a gift.

Prosocial behavior – when people do things for the benefit of others rather than themselves – is already known to improve psychological well-being, according to researchers. But, according to a new study, it’s also excellent for the heart.


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