Ahmaud Arbery’s family celebrates outside court after his three murderers are convicted of federal hate crimes:Jury rules three white men chased and shot jogger because he was black

After a jury concluded that the three men who murdered black Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery did so because of his race, they were found guilty of federal hate crimes.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael, and friend Roddy Bryan, who filmed the murder in Macon, Georgia in February 2020, were found guilty on Tuesday.

The McMichaels had already been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted of murder in a state trial, and Bryan had been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years, but he now faces additional time due to the federal conviction.

Following the verdict, the Arbery family said that now that the criminal investigations and trials have concluded, they want to bring civil cases. They haven’t said who they’ll file charges against yet.

On Monday evening, jurors were sent to try the case, and they only deliberated for two hours.

The men had already been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Arbery.

During the trial, prosecutors presented over two dozen text conversations and social media posts in which Travis McMichael and Bryan used racist slurs and made nasty remarks about African-Americans.

The federal trial, unlike the state murder trial last year, focused mostly on the racial aspects of the crime and the obscenities the guys used against Arbery.

Arbery would have gone for a jog and made it home for Sunday supper’ if he had been white, according to federal prosecutor Bobbi Bernstein.

“They made conclusions about Ahmaud based on his skin color, which would not have happened if he had been white,” Bernstein explained.

After apologizing to the court, Bernstein detailed some of the racial slurs used by the younger McMichael to refer to Black persons in text conversations.

“Animals,” “monkeys,” “subhuman savages,” and the derogatory N-word were among the epithets.









Using painkilling drugs every day can increase the risk of developing tinnitus in women by 20%, study finds

According to a new study, taking over-the-counter pain medicines on a frequent basis can have unanticipated, perhaps catastrophic negative effects on a person’s hearing.

Women who take over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol on a weekly basis are up to 20% more likely to develop tinnitus, according to researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Researchers discovered that younger women in the study were at a higher risk.

Tinnitus is a disorder that affects around 20 million Americans, causing them to hear sounds that aren’t there. It’s most often linked with ringing in the ears, but it can also take the form of other sounds in the environment.

For some people, the illness is debilitating and has a significant negative influence on their lives.

Overusing’safe’, easily accessible drugs, according to researchers, can still cause problems in the long run, and people should make sure they are only taking what they need.

Dr. Sharon Curhan, the main author of the study and a physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, stated in a statement, “Our findings imply that analgesic users may be at higher risk for acquiring tinnitus and may provide insight into the precipitants of this complex illness.”

‘Although these analgesics are commonly available without a prescription, they are still drugs with possible negative effects,’ says the source

The researchers obtained data from nearly 70,000 women who took part in the Conservation of Hearing Study, a large-scale examination into hearing loss and tinnitus, and published their findings last week in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

A sample of women aged 31 to 48 were examined for hearing loss or other auditory problems on a regular basis over the first 20 years of the study.

Women were also asked about their daily lifestyle choices and activities on a regular basis, and data on over-the-counter drugs was used in this study.

Women who took COX-2 inhibitors like Celecoxib twice or more per week had a 20% higher risk of acquiring tinnitus, according to the study.



Lionel Messi AND Cristiano Ronaldo renew some of their favorite rivalries, a game-changing revamp of the rules and a real test for Liverpool…why we can’t wait for Champions League to return TONIGHT

The Champions League has returned this week, signaling the start of the season’s final stretch.

With the first half of the last-16 ties taking place this week and the rest starting next week, Europe’s finest meet once more.

Before kickoff tonight, one source examines some of the major talking points.

Lionel Messi excelled greatest in Barcelona’s intense Clasico matches with bitter rivals Real Madrid during his heyday at the club.

Following his shocking exit from the Nou Camp last summer, he reignites the battle this week, but this time in the colors of PSG.

If club legend Sergio Ramos had been fit enough to face his former side tonight, Messi’s homecoming with Real would have had an even hotter edge to it, but his fitness troubles mean a return to the Bernabeu in three weeks is the best he can hope for.

For numerous seasons, the French giants have aspired to win the Champions League. Messi’s arrival is aimed at bringing the trophy home for the first time in his career.

There’s also the story of Kylian Mbappe, the PSG striker who is Real Madrid’s top transfer target and is set to leave on a free transfer when his current contract expires this summer.

Mbappe was hesitant about what playing Madrid currently meant to him in an interview with Amazon Prime last week.

There is also the sub-plot of Kylian Mbappe, the PSG striker who remains Real Madrid’s No 1 transfer target and is likely to move to Spain on a free transfer when his current deal expires this summer. Speaking last week to Amazon Prime, Mbappe was coy over what playing Madrid now means to him.

‘Have I made up my mind on what I want to do with my life?’ Mbappe responded, ‘No.’ ‘When you play Real Madrid, a lot of things change.’ Despite the fact that I have complete freedom to do whatever I want right now, I will not communicate with a competitor or engage in similar behavior.

‘My sole focus is on defeating Real Madrid.’ We’ll see what happens after that.”












Pills sold on Amazon are recalled for containing tadalafil-a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction

Some male sexual enhancement pills’ sold on Amazon and other online merchants have been recalled due to the presence of an erectile dysfunction medicine.

In the last few days, the US Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) has issued four-drug recalls.

Tadalafil, an FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medicine, was identified in each of the samples. Despite the fact that the medicine is not permitted for over-the-counter usage, the FDA has issued a recall.

‘The Red Pill,’ ‘Mac Daddy Red,’ ‘Mac Daddy Purple,’ ‘Red Mammoth,’ and ‘MegMan performance booster’ are among the five drugs.

The medicines have since been withdrawn from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart’s online stores. It’s unclear whether there will be any further recalls.

The FDA warns that anyone with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease may be in danger if they use tadalafil without realizing it.

Most people with these problems take blood pressure medications on a daily basis. Tadalafil decreases blood pressure even further, which is potentially harmful.

Erectile dysfunction medicines containing tadalafil as an active ingredient, such as Cialis, are not suggested for persons suffering from these diseases.

After receiving notification from an Amazon laboratory, the FDA became aware of the cross-contamination.

In December, the FDA issued a warning to internet vendors who distribute these pills about the possibility of contamination.

These medicines promise to boost the duration and strength of a man’s erection by increasing the flow of blood into the penis while he is sexually stimulated.

The Red Pill was voluntarily recalled by Your Favorite Shop, a New Jersey-based company after the FDA informed them of the contamination.

There have been no reports of tadalafil-related side effects among users of the company’s medication.

The Mac Daddy product line is manufactured by ABC Sales 1, a New York-based corporation, and the contamination affects just the lot of pills with a lot number of 1230004 or 1230005 that expires on March 30, 2024.

According to an FDA notice, the business has not heard of any adverse events attributable to the contamination.




Are the days of Covid-19 swabs up our noses finally over? Aussie invents breathalyser test for the virus-and it may be even MORE accurate

An Australian backyard inventor has created the world’s first Covid-19 breathalyzer test, which eliminates the need for inconvenient swabs and could be even more accurate.

Colin Hickey, 71, designed the Examine testing equipment, which has a 98 percent accuracy rate and provides a test result by QR code in just 60 seconds.

Unlike existing Covid tests, no swab is required; instead, the user just blows for five seconds into the mouthpiece.

Mr. Hickey told a source that developing the test was “mission impossible,” and that it finds Covid “earlier than any other test available” since it measures viral loads.

Mr. Hickey believes that his breathalyzer provides a more accurate and timely test result than most PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests.

The prototype was created over the course of two and a half years, and the inventor anticipates that it will be widely available in April.

Mr. Hickey, a mechanical engineer who has largely worked in the recycling industry, is collaborating with the University of Utah and wants to have his device approved for mass manufacturing in the United States soon.

Mr. Hickey told a source, ‘I’m excited and can’t wait to receive regulatory permission and get it in people’s hands.’

‘That’s what matters.’ It will make a significant difference, and it may even be a game-changer

Mr. Hickey told the Daily Mail Australia, ‘I’m excited and can’t wait to receive regulatory permission and get it in people’s hands.’

‘That’s what matters.’ It will make a significant difference, and it may even be a game-changer.

He presented his proposal to Australian universities with his research, but received “absolutely nothing back,” so he took the plan overseas.

After reading a small newspaper article about a virus in China’ in 2019, Mr. Hickey began investigating Covid from his Twin Waters home.

‘I saw a short news article about an unknown virus circulating in China and did a lot of research, reading ten scientific papers a day – and the more I read, the more concerned I became.’






Is this why some people get sicker than others with Covid-19? immune cells called autoantibodies could help explain our vulnerability to infection

Why are some people, like Covid, more impacted than others by infections? Scientists have been baffled by this topic, but they now believe they have a partial answer: autoantibodies.

They could explain not only our susceptibility to infection but also our susceptibility to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, as well as aging and even long-term Covid.

‘Proteins that harm us from within’ sounds more like a plotline for a new science fiction film than a serious threat to humanity. Autoantibodies commonly referred to as “rogue” antibodies are just that.

They are immune cells that have turned on us, attacking our healthy tissues and essential organs instead of defending us against illness.

Several autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, are caused by this mechanism.

In each case, the immune system misinterprets a portion of the body as foreign and generates autoantibodies to ‘attack,’ resulting in joint inflammation in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Auto-antibodies are produced by those who have a healthy immune system. Autoantibodies were considered to be eliminated until roughly 20 years ago, however, scientists have recently revealed that some persons contain low levels of autoantibodies.

However, as we become older, their numbers rise (they are assumed to play a part in the aging process).

Autoantibodies may play an important role in Covid-19 and extended Covid, according to immunologists today.

Dr. Jean-Laurent Casanova, an expert in human genetics and infectious diseases, and his team at Rockefeller University in the United States have been examining the factors that enhance the chance of developing severe Covid-19 as part of an international project.

Patients hospitalized with it have a substantially greater level of autoantibodies than unaffected patients, and autoantibodies are thought to account for around a fifth of all Covid-19 deaths, according to the researchers.






Blanca Blanco celebrates her birthday in Beverly Hills…after revealing in her memoir that she was sexually assaulted in her 20s by a fake producer

Over the weekend, Blanca Blanco celebrated her birthday in Beverly Hills.

As she blew out the candles on a large cake with her photos on it, the Tale Of Tails actress wore a plunging black gown with a diamond necklace.

This occurs just after the publication of her memoir Breaking The Mold, which has become a best-seller. Many facts of her childhood are revealed in the book, including how her father used to beat her with a horsewhip and how she was sexually harassed in her twenties by a man posing as a movie producer.

Over the weekend, Blanca Blanco celebrated her birthday in Beverly Hills.

As she blew out the candles on a large cake with her photos on it, the Tale Of Tails actress wore a plunging black gown with a diamond necklace.

This occurs just after the publication of her memoir Breaking The Mold, which has become a best-seller. Many facts of her childhood are revealed in the book, including how her father used to beat her with a horsewhip and how she was sexually harassed in her twenties by a man posing as a movie producer.

So she went to see the producer, who appeared to be genuine and eager to collaborate. However, when he requested her to meet him on the set of the movie in a parking lot, Blanca was quite anxious because there were no movie sets or crew members.

When she inquired as to where the personnel was, he sexually abused her.

Blanca was a fast runner in high school and was able to flee the man, but he followed her in her car and nearly stopped her from driving away.

The door slammed shut on her leg, nearly breaking it, but she managed to drive away with the door open and the man’s leg damaged.

Blanca went to the police station and later learned that the man had been the subject of earlier complaints, but he had eluded capture.



Bugatti’s first electric vehicle is not a Tesla rival or futuristic hypercar,but an e-scooter with a top speed of 18mph

With a top speed of 304 miles per hour, Bugatti’s fastest model of all time, the Chiron Super Sport 300+, is one of the fastest production cars on the road.

So when the French automaker debuted its first electric vehicle earlier this month, you would have assumed it was a zero-emission supercar capable of outrunning a Tesla Model S.

However, the first electric vehicle to which Bugatti has given its name is a completely different kind of vehicle: it has partnered with an American business to create an 18mph e-scooter.

The 113-year-old automobile manufacturer is most recognized for its seven-figure Veyron and £2.5 million Chiron models, as well as its production car speed records throughout the last two decades.

There has been a lot of talk about an electrified hypercar coming soon, especially since the business teamed with Croatian EV supercar expert Rimac last year to launch a new company dubbed ‘Bugatti Rimac,’ helmed by entrepreneur Mate Rimac as CEO.

However, this scooter, designed and manufactured by New York-based Bytech International, will be the first zero-emission vehicle it will bring to market.

A 700-watt electric motor powers the e-scooter, which is powered by a 36-volt battery with a range of roughly 22 miles.

It has customizable modes, just like a supercar.

To save battery life, the economy speed setting limits top speed to 9 mph, while city increases it to 12.5 mph and sport allows users to run flat out at 18.5 mph – however, the latter would significantly deplete the battery if used for lengthy periods of time.

The e-scooter can carry a weight of 110 kilograms, which is 26 kg higher than the average male in the United Kingdom.

The battery pack on the Bugatti-branded e-scooter can be removed and charged at home, which is a convenient feature. According to Bytech, a full charge using a US domestic socket takes about four hours.

While it lacks carbon fiber, active spoilers, and speed-bump-scraping front splitters, Bugatti’s first electric vehicle is light by e-scooter standards.





Daily Covid cases are down 10% in the US-the first week-over-week case decline since the New Year -and deaths are starting to slow: fauci still warns new variants could emerge

For the first time since the Omicron variant erupted at the end of 2021, Covid infections are declining in the United States. On Monday, 721,651 new cases were reported across the country, a significant decrease from the 1.364 million instances reported the previous Monday. The new daily case average in the United States has likewise declined 10% in the last seven days, from 766,939 to 684,457.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there were 717,874 new cases confirmed between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday, according to a source. As delayed statistics from the weekend are eventually released, Monday is frequently the day with the highest reported case counts.

The 1.364 million cases reported on Monday last week were the biggest single-day case number in the country’s history. The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday hampered this week’s total, as several local governments and municipalities were closed and did not completely report cases. Some cases will most likely be rescheduled for Tuesday this week.

However, Covid instances have been dropping for days in the areas that were hardest struck by Omicron when it first arrived in the US in early December, indicating that the current phase of the pandemic may be coming to an end.

The most stable figures are two-week case averages, which can smooth out single-day outliers. Overall cases in the United States have increased by 40% in the last 14 days, albeit this statistic is projected to fall further in the coming days as many previously hotspots in the United States are now seeing case counts move in the right direction.

Since the pandemic began, the United States has recorded 66,456,516 cases and 851,730 fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins University. That means one Covid case has been identified for every five Americans so far, with the number expected to rise due to widespread underreporting of cases and test shortages that have plagued various waves of the outbreak.


Billy Gilmour returns to Chelsea to assess an ankle injury set to keep him out for three-four weeks … but Norwich boss Dean Smith does not expect his parent club to end the loan spell early

Dean Smith has disclosed that Norwich midfielder Billy Gilmour, who is on loan from Chelsea, has returned to his parent club in London for an ankle injury evaluation.

Canaries manager Smith gave an update on Gilmour’s fitness during a news conference before of his team’s trip to West Ham on Wednesday, but he also stated that he does not believe Gilmour’s loan term will be cut short.

‘Billy has a high ankle (sprain) issue,’ he stated, adding that he will be sidelined for three to four weeks.

He returned to Chelsea today for an assessment, but he should be back for his therapy and rehab in the coming days.’

Under Smith’s leadership, the Scottish international has been a regular for Norwich, and when asked if Gilmour’s loan could be terminated early, Smith said, “No, I don’t believe so.” ‘I don’t believe the injury is serious enough to warrant that.’

‘I believe it is an injury for which Chelsea will analyze him before returning him to us.’ ‘Hopefully, he’ll be back playing in the next three weeks,’ he continued.

The youngster is expected to miss the remainder of Norwich’s January fixtures, joining Mathias Normann (pelvis), Lukas Rupp (hamstring), and Andrew Omobamidele (back) on the injury list.

Gilmour, 20, was absent from Norwich’s FA Cup victory against Charlton on Sunday and was singled out for criticism by a small section of the Norwich support last month when Norwich were beaten 3-0 at Selhurst Park by Crystal Palace.

Norwich had had a difficult season due to injuries and Covid-19 cases, and they were without 11 players for their final match of 2021.

Tim Krul, Grant Hanley, Milot Rashica, and Teemu Pukki all made their comebacks in the 1-0 win over Charlton, which ended the club’s five-match losing streak, which included a 5-0 thumping at Arsenal on Boxing Day.

Dean Smith stated that some results should be given “context and perspective,” and that he “felt the criticism of a handful of our results was over the line.”



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